What’s better for a French girl than a classic French dessert??


The apple tart is a simple dessert, lovely in all cases, for all occasions. But of course there are lots of different recipes, and each cooker has his own recipe, improved everytime, with tips and secrets to make a perfect dessert, which sometimes are transmitted from generation to generation.

This recipe was easy to make, and quite tasty but I have to say not my favorite. Am I too fussy? Too demanding??

In fact, for my taste, the dough, the apple purée and the topping don’t work perfectly all together, I think it's due to the granny smith apples. They taste a little too sour for the tart, (we don’t feel enough the dough which is really nice), and they don’t cook enough. I love that apples give a result more melting in mouth. Normally I don’t use granny smith, I prefer other varieties more suitable to cooking.


I'll definitely remake this recipe and changing the variety of apples and I'm sure it will become one of my favorites!


You will find the recipe on the blog of Gaye: Laws of the Kitchen. And of course in Dorie’s book “Baking with Julia” p379/381. To see what the other members thought of the French Apple Tart, visit the BWJ website.