One word: AMAZING!!!

I love this recipe, it was the first time I made a foccacia and certainly not the last!!!

Foccacia (2)Foccacia (3)

The recipe was quite easy, just follow each step, and don't forget that it need 2 days to make it.

As for lot of Italian recipes, you can do everything you want with it: savoury, sweet, plain, with herbs or with vegetables, for a sandwich, pizza… one more time, just feel free and play with it!!!!

As Julia Child say about it: “these foccacias are so gorgeous,[…],that you’ll want to make them the main event” so, she has the perfect words, nothing else just: “go, try, and enjoy each piece!!!”

For a lovely Italian menu I chose to make minestrone served with this foccacia.

Foccacia (4)Foccacia (5)

You will find the recipe on the blog of Sharmini: Wandering Through. And of course in Dorie’s book “Baking with Julia” p.143. To see what the other members thought of the Foccacia, visit the BWJ website.