This week, the recipe called for a little more work, not complicated, with a little planning and a little waiting time in the fridge, you obtain a very generous and delicious dessert!

The Chiffon Vanilla Roll, recipe chosen this week, is divided in three part : the cake, the mousse and the rolling/chilling time.


I divided the recipe in half, and still obtained 6 nice portions (not greedy enough????). I also lightened the mousse, decreasing the amount of heavy cream and adding instead whipped egg white (half / half). The result was perfect, less heavy and rich for my taste…


The Vanilla Chiffon Roll was a success, which was appreciated by all my family!! A nice dessert, with a good balance between the cake and the mousse. The mousse was full of flavors, due to the chocolate and nuts mix.  It gives a very particular taste to the entire dessert… all asked me about the ingredients…. And all asked me for another piece…so….

I made the cake a second time, and instead the chocolate mousse to garnish, I used ice-cream. I spread the ice cream (slightly soft), rolled it, and frozen until firm. Then, I sliced it and served immediately. It was very different, but so good!!! It created another delecious dessert...

Finally, The Vanilla Chiffon Roll was a great dessert, lovely to serve for lots of occasions!!!!


You will find the recipe in Dorie’s book “Baking with Julia” p.277-279. To see what the other members thought of the Vanilla Chiffon Roll visit the BWJ website.